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Business Accounting Services

Virtual CFO & Controller Services


Welcome to Integrity Accounts of Vermont!

     My name is Sheryl Leslie, a CPA Accountant with a Masters in Business Management. Since 2006 I have been helping businesses across Vermont bridge the gap between staying up to date on their Business Accounting needs, and hiring a full time CFO

     As you likely know by now, an accountant can only do so much for a business. This leaves owners struggling to fill the gap that exists when growing their business. Many times the owner must figure out all their accounting needs or, they have to hire to fill the position, which can be expensive. My services are designed to fill this gap so that business owners can continue growing their company and focusing on the other day-to-day needs of the business. If you are stuck in the middle of this growth pattern, find that you need more time in your day, and need more expertise on your side, then please contact me today!

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