Business Accounting Services in Burlington, VT

Vermont Business Accountant

Business Accounting Services that Save Time & Money

     Growing your small business is challenging! Sometimes the dollars are so tight, the idea of hiring or outsourcing work, seems impossible. The Business Accounting Services from Integrity Accounts are designed to specifically to address these problems.

     Let’s face it, as a small business the task of tabulating receipts, documenting mileage, and creating reports escapes the normal day-to-day operations. There is more to do and be focused on, we understand. The reality is that all of these overlooked tasks comes back at the end of the year to create a daunting amount of work – and many opportunities for saving money, get overlooked in the process.

     Integrity Accounts Business Accounting Services provide the necessary controls that keep your business running intelligently! We do a lot more than simple bookkeeping tasks.

What Our Business Accounting Services Are:

     The Business Accounting Services we provide are relatively standard when compared to other firms. The big difference is in the resource that is assigned to your account. Most bookkeepers are very knowledgeable about quick books and how to get your books in order for tax season. But Integrity Accounts takes this one step further, because we can actually perform many more tasks! Since we offer a Virtual CFO Service as well, we know what it takes to run your books more effectively than most bookkeepers do, and you benefit from this skill by receiving super clean books and advice, that can save tens of thousands of dollars over time.

What’s Included:

  • Management of all Quick Books activities
  • Data entry of daily financials
  • Perform reconciliations
  • Administer basic reports
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